pubigshadow1.gif Classroom Summary Sheet
McCormick Hall Room 101

/ClassRoomPhotos/MCCKH_0039/0039101.JPG Building Name McCormick Hall
Building Number 0039
Building Code MCCKH
Floor Code 01
Room Number 101
Room Name Lecture Hall
Room Type Code 110
Room Type Classroom Area
Room Control Code A
ADA Compliant? UNK
Air Conditioned YES
Equip. Cabinet Key Required? N/A
AV Operator Required? N/A
Classroom Seat Total 129
Room Area (sq. ft.) 1758

Contact TypeNameE-mailPhone NumberFax Number
Room ContactJESSICA GAMBLE 609-258-3362 

A/V Equipment List
  • Single Data/Video Projection
  • Flash Recorder
  • Panel Microphones (coordinated w/ Media Services)
  • Microphones (lectern)
  • Projection Screen
  • Simulcast (sending)
  • Video Conferencing (coordinated w/ Media Services and Broadcast Center)
  • Simulcast (receiving)
  • Video Conferencing and Recording (coordinated w/Media Svs and Broadcast Ctr)
  • Lecture Capture
  • Booth Access (coordinated w/ Media Services)
  • CD Player
  • Lectern
  • DVD Projection
  • DVD Recording
  • Microphones (wireless)
  • Multi-Camera
  • Overhead Projection
  • Region-free DVD Projection
  • Room Computer W/Windows/MacOS
  • TigerTV (HD)
  • User Laptop for HDMI
  • User Laptop for VGA
  • Video Streaming
  • Blu-Ray DVD
  • Assistive Listening Devices